Working Papers

Business Dynamism, Reallocation, and Productivity in a Pandemic, with Guido Ascari and Riccardo Silvestrini, September 2021, DNB WP 725.

See SUERF policy brief No 238 for a summary of the main results and the policy implications of this paper.

Unemployment, Firm Dynamics, and the Business Cycle, with S. Fasani and L.Rossi. January 2022. First version November 2020, DNB WP 695. Appendix

Competition and Inequality with R. Mechelli. December 2022. Previous versions: DEMS WP 398 (January 2019) and University of Oxford Discussion Paper 914 (July 2020).

Under Revision

Who Creates and Destroys Jobs over the Business Cycle? ,with V. Lindenthal and A.Trigari, First version, March 2019.

New version coming soon.

In Progress

The Macroeconomic Effects of Corporate Tax Shocks with V. Lewis and B.Matyska