Extended Curriculum Vitae 


Macroeconomics, Fiscal and Monetary Policy, Firms' Dynamics, Macro-Labor, DSGE modelling


Current Positions

Senior Economist, Research Department, Dutch Central Bank, since 2016 

Associate Professor (part-time), Economics Department, University of Milano Bicocca, since 2014

Previous Positions

Economist, Research Department, Dutch Central Bank, October 2012-October 2016

Assistant Professor, Economics Department, University of Milano Bicocca, January 2008-October 2014

Economist, DG Research and Policy, Bank of Italy, July 2007-January 2008 

Short term Positions 

Economist (ECB/IO), DG Economics, European Central Bank, October 2021-October 2022

Economist (ECB/IO), DG Economics, European Central Bank, September 2015-December 2015


University of Milano-Bicocca, Ph.D., Economics, 2007.

University of Edinburgh, M.Sc., Economics, 2003

University of Milano-Bicocca, FINARM, Master in Finance and Risk Management, 2002

Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, visiting Ph.D student, January -April 2004

University of Milano- Bicocca, B.A, Economics, 2001

University of Glasgow, Erasmus student, January -June 2001



Business Dynamism, Reallocation, and Productivity in a Pandemic, with Guido Ascari and Riccardo SilvestriniEuropean Economic Review, April 2023 

See SUERF policy brief No 238 for a summary of the main results and the policy implications of this paper

Monetary Policy, Productivity, and Market Concentration, with R. Silvestrini. Most recent Version

Accepted, European Economic Review, 2021. 

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Under revision


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